Deep Eddy Municipal Pool

Deep Eddy Public Pool has been a fixture on the Austin swimming scene since 1915. It is the oldest swimming pool in Texas and is located in the middle of Austin on the banks of the Colorado River. The pool has a rich history and is a renowned local landmark, commonly referred to as the “Grand Dame” of Austin’s swimming pools. A restored bathhouse was added in 1934, and the pool was used as a filming site for the 1976 film The Bad News Bears.

The Deep Eddy Municipal Pool is breathtaking. Deep Eddy Pool, located in the heart of Austin, Texas, is the state’s oldest swimming pool and a great tribute to the area’s rich history. It is one of the city’s most popular swimming spots, and it is ideal for spending long summer days cooling down in the soothing waters. Its distinctive art deco design is sure to leave a lasting impact on those who visit. The pool is available all year and offers recreational swimming, swimming lessons, and aquatics programs.

Swimming Lessons and Special Events

Many swimming lessons and special activities are available to the public at Deep Eddy Municipal Pool. They consist of classes for kids, adults, and seniors as well as activities with a specific focus, such as scuba diving and water aerobics. For swimmers of all ages and skill levels, the pool is intended to offer a fun and secure atmosphere. Kids can sign up for private lessons, group sessions, or swim team training. Stroke development, scuba diving, and water aerobics are just a few of the courses available to adults.

For those looking to soak up the sun in a more leisurely setting, Deep Eddy Municipal Pool is the ideal spot. Beyond the traditional swimming activities, the pool also offers a wide range of recreational events and activities, such as beach parties, poolside barbecues, and movie nights.


Amenities And Services Offered

The amenities and services offered by Deep Eddy Municipal Pool are second to none. From the moment you arrive, you will receive a warm welcome and excellent service. You will be able to enjoy a selection of luxurious amenities and services, including:

  • Year-Round Fun: Deep Eddy Municipal Pool offers a variety of activities throughout the year, including lap swimming, recreational swimming, water aerobics, and family-friendly activities such as float nights. 
  • Certified Lifeguards: During all operating hours, the pool is staffed with certified lifeguards to ensure the safety of all swimmers. 
  • Concessions: Enjoy a variety of refreshments and snacks at the concession stand during your visit. 
  • Lockers And Changing Rooms: Lockers and changing rooms are provided for your convenience.
  • Swimming Lanes: Deep Eddy Municipal Pool provides a variety of swimming lanes for customers to choose from, ranging from 25 yards to 50 yards. 
  • Lap Swimming: The pool offers lap swimming for those who want to take their swimming workouts to the next level. 
  • Diving: The pool is equipped with two one-meter diving boards and a three-meter diving platform for experienced divers to practice and perfect their diving skills.
  • Aquatic Classes: Deep Eddy offers classes on swimming, water aerobics, diving, and more to help improve technique and form. 
  • Recreational Swimming: Customers can take a leisurely dip in the pool or enjoy other recreational activities such as water volleyball.

How To Go There?

Visiting Deep Eddy Municipal Pool is a great way to spend the day with family or friends. Located in Austin, Texas, the pool is open to the public and offers a variety of amenities. To get there, there are a few options. The easiest way is to drive; Deep Eddy Municipal Pool is located off Redbud Trail, and there is plenty of parking available. Those who prefer public transportation can take the bus to the pool; taking route #3 will get you there. Additionally, there are many bike racks around the pool, so those with bicycles can easily ride there.


Safety Protocols and Precautions

Deep Eddy Municipal Pool is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for all of its visitors. To ensure the safety of everyone, the pool enforces numerous safety protocols and precautions.

  • The pool has lifeguards on duty at all times during opening hours.
  • The pool has a strict policy of no diving allowed in the shallow end of the pool.
  • Swimmers must shower before entering the pool to reduce the chance of contaminants entering the pool.
  • Swimmers are required to wear proper swim attire at all times, including swim caps and goggles when applicable.
  • Pool patrons must follow the instructions of the lifeguards at all times for their own safety and the safety of others.
  • Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • No running, pushing, rough play or excessive noise is permitted in the pool area.

Essential Information About Deep Eddy Municipal Pool