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Austin Pergola – Design and Installation will design the most beautiful additions to your outdoor living space. Pergolas are trellis-like structures made from an assortment of different types of materials. They can support climbing plants or vines and provide shade in a backyard outdoor living area.

Are you thinking about a new pergola installation in your backyard outdoor space? If so, you will want to know how they’re designed. Pergolas are shade structures of the foundation of your Austin, TX home. Pergolas have been popular for centuries. But, if you plan to have one built for your home, I’m sure you have questions about how they are designed.

Historically, pergolas were primarily used as an outdoor covered area where people could relax at their homes. Usually found under the shade of tall trees, people would gather together to share their day’s experiences or just enjoy beautiful views outside. These days people are finding more and more uses for pergolas, and we have various designs to suit your needs. 

Austin pergola company

Our Austin Pergola company has been serving Austin for quite some time now. As the leading pergola company in Austin for residential pergolas. We’ve helped many homeowners to make their shade structures beautiful again. Our outdoor structure is a popular choice to increase functionality in the family backyard areas or any office space that needs shade from a commercial pergola.

pergola design austin

Pergolas and arbors can transform your outdoor living spaces such as pavilions, patio, decks, porch, or pool area from basic outdoor structures to a place of beauty, relaxing, and comfort, all year long. Whether you want to provide a shady escape from the Austin, tx summer sunlight or a place to wind down and relax with family and friends, pergolas and arbors will give you the space you need.

With many years of experience offering pergola construction services, we have earned a reputation for being one of the region’s most reliable and affordable custom-designed pergola installation and wood pergola repair companies. The Austin Pergola company has the expertise to create that rustic garden escape for friends and family.

Pergola Design and Installation in Austin TX

If you are looking for a new structure to improve the ambiance of your Austin backyard, then a new pergola is just what you need. It is a classic way to create outdoor shade and a stylish addition to your backyard property. Pergola design is one of the most critical aspects when installing a pergola over your patio, balcony, arbor, entryway, or outside living space.

Most people aren’t aware that installing a quality Pergola is more than simply nailing together a few pieces of timber and a retractable roof. But what does it take to install a quality pergola? You have to consider design elements to develop a spectacular original design that will last for years and add protection to your dream pergola, patio, or arbor.

Our dedicated team of professionals is skilled in installing pergola systems in and around the area. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing, and we strive to make sure the pergola built is the one you want. The installation of the quality pergola would depend on the patio size and the rafters used to complete the project.

We use Quality Pergola Materials

There are many different pergola building materials available depending on your desired look, durability, versatility, and cost. Wood remains one of the most popular, but you should also consider aluminum, vinyl, steel, stone, brick, and more if you want to enhance your outdoor living space. Cedar the perfect selection for your pergola because of its natural resistance to decay, rot, mold, and insect infestation. That means you get the inherent natural wood beauty of richly grained red cedar wood without the expense of constant maintenance.

Austin pergola company has helped transform many Austin area outdoor experiences. After studying our customer’s needs and designs. During the process, you’ll notice that our skilled carpenters are attentive to your needs, budget, and on-time delivery of the outdoor project. Our pergola company can help you add value to your home with the perfect new pergola design or a pergola replacement. Call us today for a free quote on a custom-made pergola for your home.