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Austin Pergola – Design and Installation is also a world-class builder of decks and carports. Decks provide a functional outdoor living area, whether to wow out-of-town guests, dazzle family members, prepare for a romantic night under the stars, welcome coworkers, or mingle with potential clients. It’s also a fantastic addition for children and is one of the easiest ways to expand your outdoor living space in Austin, TX.

However, when it comes down to it, building structurally sound and visually appealing custom decks depends on finding the right Austin deck company. The good news is that we are here to help! With many years of experience in the industry, we can take on any project, no matter how big or complex.

Austin Custom Decks

A well-built custom deck is a perfect accompaniment to your pergola. As trusted Texas deck builders in Austin, we provide a range of decking services.

Residential Decks

Our decks are created with your home’s architectural style in mind, complementing your home and yard and acting as an extension of your outdoor living space.

The best design for your family’s decking depends on carefully selecting the size, shape, structural materials, positioning steps, patio covers, arbors, handrails, and other features.

Our team will work with you, offering the advice and guidance you need to create the perfect custom decks for your home.

pergola design austin
pergola design austin

Commercial Decks

Installing a commercial deck is a quick and easy way to boost the aesthetic appeal of your place of business. Our team offers custom-designed decks perfect for restaurants, shopping complexes, and more.

A specially designed custom deck for your commercial building also boosts its value and attracts customers. Whatever your needs are, we are sure that we can bring them to life with the ideal deck!

Deck Builders Near Austin, Texas

We specialize in intricate projects that require the knowledge, organization, and execution of a business with years of experience managing commercial and residential construction projects. Let us construct your personalized deck!

Professional Porch or Deck Construction

Although you might be tempted to install your deck, contacting a professional is essential to avoid disappointment and unexpected costs. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our services!

Austin Deck Construction Company

If you’re looking for a team of dedicated deck builders in Austin, you have come to the right place! We take deck building seriously and adhere to building codes and safe work practices to ensure that the job is completed without hiccups!

Why Choose Us As Your Patio and Deck Building Contractors?

With so many Texas deck builders on the market, you might wonder why you should choose Austin Pergola Company for your custom decks. Here are a few reasons why we are the right team for the job:

  • Our Austin-based construction company has been operating since 2014, so you can rest assured that we know what we are doing.
  • We offer competitive prices without compromising on the quality in Austin and surrounding central Texas communities.
  • The team is highly regarded amongst residents in Austin, TX, and has even earned the title of the number one pergola company in the state!
  • You can expect nothing less than the best uncompromised quality workmanship with us.
  • Our team comprises original and best designers to ensure that your decking is as appealing as you want it to be!
  • We also offer maintenance services to keep your decking looking its best.

All Types of Deck Projects

The truth is that building decks is a multi-step process requiring much planning and careful execution. At Austin Pergola Company, we are careful never to cut corners, ensuring that you always get the best in construction materials and workmanship.

Deck Design

The truth is that deck design plays a significant role in the installation process. It’s important to ensure that your deck doesn’t just look good but is also structurally sound. You can choose from a wide range of designs to suit your preferences.

Talk to us if you require provide expert advice about the size, shape, or type of deck that would be best for your property.
pergola design austin
pergola design austin

Deck Repair

Rotting decks can put a severe damper on the mood. If you have been avoiding your outdoor entertainment area because of damaged decking, it’s probably time to fix it! Remember that the longer you wait, the more extensive the damage will likely be and the more you will have to pay to restore it.

Contact us today to learn more about our deck repair services!

Deck Replacement

Suppose the damage to your deck is extensive. In that case, it might be time for a replacement. To ensure that the job is professionally done, you will need to enlist the help of a reliable Austin deck company.

We have years of experience replacing decks, so you can count on us for exceptional quality.
pergola design austin
pergola design austin

Deck Installation

Are you renovating or constructing a new home? Why not add a custom deck to add to the visual appeal of your outdoor living space? Our Austin deck company can help to manage every part of the process.

Whatever your needs are, we will go the extra mile, ensuring that you are satisfied with the outcome!

Get a Greater Than Average Deck!

Your deck will last for many years and will likely be seen by many guests or customers. This is why it’s essential to create much more than just your average deck.

Unlike other decking companies that offer simplistic, standard designs, we build attractive patios to ensure that your home stands out from others in your neighborhood and makes a good impression on your guests!

Typical Estimates for Professional Deck Construction or Repairs

Because each project is unique and depends on several factors, such as the deck size and the preparation required before the installation, the best way to learn more about the cost to complete your project is to contact us for a free estimate.

Let Us Take Care of Your Next Deck Project!

Whether you need to install a small deck in your home, repair an existing deck, or construct a composite deck for your hotel or restaurant, we have the resources, skills, and expertise to take care of it!

Contact us today to request your free, no-obligation estimate!