Greetings From Austin Mural

Greetings From Austin is an iconic mural that has become synonymous with Austin, Texas. This postcard-sized piece serves as an introduction to the bustling Texan city and its burgeoning street art community. The artwork was created in 1998 by Todd Sanders and his friend Rory Skagen at Roadhouse Relics, Sanders’ neon sign workshop, gallery, and business. The mural itself is a traditional postcard-style image of the city skyline with a yellow-and-blue gradient backdrop and the words “Greetings from Austin” printed in a bold, vivid script. Read This Article

The Greetings from Austin Mural is a well-known representation of the city and its culture. It captivates locals and visitors alike with its brilliant colors, playful aesthetic, and unique design, delivering a lasting image of the city. The mural is a kaleidoscope of patterns and colors that come together to form a one-of-a-kind work of art that is distinctly Austin.

History and Design

Todd Sanders, a local artist, painted the Greetings from Austin mural in 1998 with the intention of bringing some color and character to an otherwise dull structure. The words “Greetings from Austin” are inscribed in large, eye-catching characters on a background of blue skies in the mural, which is intended to resemble a vintage postcard. Images of Austin are scattered throughout the letters, including the Texas Capitol, a guitar, a bat (a reference to the city’s well-known bat colonies), and a cowboy hat.

Over the years, the artwork has received numerous upgrades, including a restoration in 2013 that cleaned and repainted the lettering to brighten them. The Greetings from Austin mural is currently one of the city’s most popular picture ops and has come to represent Austin’s eccentric and artistic culture.

Activities to Enjoy at The Greetings from Austin Mural

With the enjoyable activities offered at the Greetings from Austin Mural, you won’t be at lack for things to do in the area. You can engage in a variety of activities here, such as taking a leisurely stroll or appreciating the bright artwork. Everyone can take pleasure in the following activities, among others:

  • Take a Tour of the Area

The Greetings from Austin Mural is located in the SoCo neighborhood of Austin, which is known for its eclectic mix of boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. Taking a stroll around the area will give you an opportunity to explore some of the neighborhood’s unique shops and eateries. You can also enjoy the beautiful street art and murals that are scattered throughout the neighborhood.

  • Pose for Pictures

One of the main activities at The Greetings from Austin Mural is taking photos. The mural is designed to look like a vintage postcard, with bold and colorful letters filled with images that represent Austin. You can pose in front of the letters, use them as a backdrop, or even incorporate them into your photos. It’s a great way to capture a memory of your trip to Austin.

  • Bring Your Props

Another fun activity at The Greetings from Austin Mural is bringing your props to use in your photos. The mural’s design makes it easy to incorporate your own items into the shot. Bring a guitar, a cowboy hat, or any other prop that represents Austin’s culture, and use it in your photos. This adds a personal touch to your photos and makes them more unique.

  • Create Art

Visitors can also create their own art inspired by The Greetings from Austin Mural. Bring some art supplies and set up an easel to paint your own postcard-inspired masterpiece. You can also bring a sketchbook or journal and create your own postcards with drawings, collages, or written messages.

Location and Accessibility

The Greetings from Austin mural is located in the South Congress (SoCo) neighborhood of Austin, just south of downtown. The mural is on the side of a building that houses the Roadhouse Relics neon sign gallery, and it’s easy to spot as you’re driving down South 1st Street.

If you’re driving to the mural, there is limited street parking available in the surrounding area. However, the area can get crowded, especially on weekends, so it’s best to arrive early or plan to walk a few blocks from a nearby parking lot.

If you’re taking public transportation, the #10 bus route stops directly in front of the mural, making it easy to get to from other parts of the city.

Essential information about The Greetings from Austin Mural

The Greeting from Austin Mural is an iconic piece of artwork located in Austin, Texas. Created by artist Todd Sanders and his friend Rory Skagen in 1998, this vibrant, colorful mural is a must-see for anyone visiting the city. Here is a list of essential information about the Greetings from Austin Mural:

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