Franklin Barbecue

A Texas-style barbecue restaurant called Franklin Barbecue is sweeping the globe. This well-liked eatery, which Aaron Franklin founded in 2009, has evolved into one of the most renowned barbecue hotspots in the country. Every meal, including their mouthwatering brisket and delicious ribs, is served with a heaping amount of Southern hospitality. Franklin Barbecue has garnered numerous accolades, so it’s understandable why it’s become a local and tourist favorite. There is no better place for a delectable, smoky meal than Franklin Barbecue, whether you are a connoisseur of barbecue or simply seeking to try something new.

The History of Franklin Barbecue

The Franklins, Aaron and Stacy, created Franklin Barbecue in 2009. The couple initially sold barbeque out of a trailer but eventually saved enough cash to launch their own physical eatery in 2011. Since then, the restaurant has received widespread recognition on a global scale and has established itself as a must-visit location for meat aficionados.

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Unique Offerings and Specials at Franklin Barbecue

While the brisket is the star of the show at Franklin Barbecue, the restaurant also offers a variety of unique and delicious dishes and specials that are worth trying.

  • Beef Rib

One of the most popular specials at Franklin Barbecue is the beef rib, which is a massive cut of meat that is slow-cooked to perfection over post oak wood. The beef rib is so large that it is often shared between multiple people, and it is a true showstopper when it comes out of the smoker.

  • Pork Steak

Another special worth trying is the pork steak, which is a thick cut of pork that is smoked and served with a tangy vinegar-based sauce. The pork steak is juicy, flavorful, and a great alternative for those who don’t want to eat beef.

  • Smoked Turkey

Franklin Barbecue’s smoked turkey is another standout menu item that is often overlooked in favor of the brisket. The turkey is moist and flavorful and is a great option for those who are looking for something a little lighter than the other meats.

  • Sides

While the meats are the main attraction at Franklin Barbecue, the sides are also worth noting. The coleslaw is tangy and refreshing, the potato salad is creamy and flavorful, and the beans are sweet and smoky. There are also special seasonal sides that rotate throughout the year, so there is always something new to try.


  • Desserts

For those with a sweet tooth, Franklin Barbecue also offers a selection of delicious desserts. The banana pudding is a classic favorite, while the pecan pie and the seasonal cobbler are also popular choices.

  • Special Events

Throughout the year, Franklin Barbecue hosts special events that are not to be missed. One of the most popular is the annual Hot Luck Festival, which features some of the best chefs and pitmasters from around the country. The restaurant also occasionally hosts pop-up events in other cities, giving fans a chance to try Franklin Barbecue’s famous meats without having to travel to Austin.

What Makes Franklin Barbecue So Special?

One of the secrets to Franklin Barbecue’s success is its commitment to using only the highest-quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods. The brisket, which is the restaurant’s signature dish, is cooked low and slow for up to 18 hours over post oak wood in a custom-built smoker. This creates a tender, juicy, and smoky flavor that has become synonymous with Texas barbecue.

In addition to brisket, Franklin Barbecue offers a variety of other meats, including pulled pork, sausage, turkey, and ribs. All of the meats are cooked with the same attention to detail and dedication to traditional barbecue techniques. The sides, which include coleslaw, potato salad, and beans, are also made from scratch and complement the meats perfectly.

The Experience of Dining at Franklin Barbecue

Despite its success, Franklin Barbecue has remained committed to its roots and continues to serve barbecue in a humble and unpretentious environment. The restaurant does not take reservations, so customers are encouraged to arrive early and be prepared to wait in line. The line can sometimes stretch for several hours, but customers are often rewarded for their patience with a delicious meal and a unique dining experience.

For many, the experience of waiting in line at Franklin Barbecue is almost as important as the food itself. Customers are encouraged to bring chairs, coolers, and even board games to help pass the time. The atmosphere is friendly and communal, and it’s not uncommon for strangers to strike up conversations and share stories over a cold beer or two.

Franklin Barbecue Beyond the Restaurant

In recent years, Franklin Barbecue has expanded its offerings beyond the restaurant itself. The Franklin Barbecue Cookbook, which was released in 2015, provides readers with a behind-the-scenes look at the restaurant and its recipes. The book has become a best-seller and has helped to spread the gospel of Texas barbecue to a wider audience.

In addition to the cookbook, Franklin Barbecue also offers a mail-order service that allows customers to have the restaurant’s famous brisket and other meats shipped directly to their door. This has made it possible for people who are unable to visit the restaurant in person to experience the magic of Franklin Barbecue from the comfort of their own homes.

Essential Information about Franklin Barbecue

  • Location: 900 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78702, United States
  • Phone: +15126531187
  • Website:
  • Hours: Monday – Closed, Tuesday to Sunday – 11 AM to 3 PM